Strategie ist unser Motor.
Kreativität ist unser Treibstoff.

Wir sind Hopf Strategie.

Wir sind eine 360-Grad-Marken- und Kommunikationsagentur aus Berlin.
Unser Ziel ist es, immer einen positiven ROI für unsere Kund:innen zu erwirtschaften. Wir bieten Klarheit, auch in unsicheren Zeiten. Wir verstehen unsere Zielgruppen. Und wir glauben daran, dass man im Team (fast) alles schafft.

Strategy is the engine.​Creativity our fuel.

We are
Hopf Strategie

We are a 360-degree brand and communications agency from Berlin.

Our goal is to always generate a positive ROI for our client. We offer clarity, even in uncertain times. We understand our target groups and believe that you can do anything as a team.

Your brand &
your stakeholders,
closer than ever.

Nowadays it’s crazily hard to keep up with all the channels, trends and needs to address and communicate with your audiences – brands like yours need to keep the pace to become and remain relevant.​ Our tailored communication system allows you to act dynamically upon the challenges of the market with a deep knowledge and understanding of all relevant stakeholders. With a sounding board and constant co-creation at the core, we build a vivid ecosystem surrounding your brand – and with this a sharpened profile and a unique selling point to stand out from the competition. Let's identify and make your stakeholders drivers for your brand, product and cause. ​

Strategic & creative

Customized & dynamic

Sustainable & future-oriented

Cost efficient & measurable


Better dialog marketing, more revenue


Years together


generated contracts
per half year

Our customer PAUL HARTMANN is one of Europe's leading suppliers of system solutions for medicine and care. But how do you turn a player into a big player? By first supporting sales and increasing revenue with customized dialog marketing. And because we see ourselves as part of the team that thinks and acts entrepreneurially, we develop everything from faxes to self-mailers, from newsletters to social media, in close cooperation with the sales department. The result? Bombastic numbers and lots of team fun! And that's just the beginning ...

Many stakeholders, one mission
Our AbZ Case​

All are equal, we make the difference


Years together

Award winning strategy
Vision.A Award

+93 %

more dues than regulations

AbZ was an unknown generic pharmaceutical manufacturer, without any face or USP of its own. Entertainment, humor and fun were miles away from the pharmaceutical world. Until our repositioned AbZ entered the stage: cheeky and humorous, bright pink and completely different from the others!We broke all the rules - and made a lot of good friend:in the process. The PTA Council is our longest-standing sounding board and provides a real link between AbZ and its key stakeholders, the PTAs (pharmaceutical technical assistants).

Co-creation with sounding board –
powerful differentiation for brands
Our Tullamore D.E.W. case

A strong community
is the key to success


Years together


Poetry slams
supported per year

150 %

Faster growth than the whiskey category

Tullamore D.E.W is the market leader of the Blended Irish Whiskeys in Germany with a great story to tell. The challenge: Tully fans have always been truly loyal to their favourite whiskey brand... and grew old with it.​In order to freshen up both - the target group & the brand - we occupied the poetry slam scene. The constant exchange with the event organisers, poets and influencers from the scene – which became strong advocates and opinion leaders for Tullamore D.E.W. - build the core of this vibrant and unique ecosystem.

Building a strong community with your stakeholders
and become a vital part of their lives.

Sie können einer unserer zufriedenen Kunden werden

Licor 43

Licor 43 ist der weltweit meistverkaufte Premium-Likör Spaniens. Doch für uns ist er mehr als nur ein Likör: Mit unserer Pressearbeit spannen wir den Bogen von trendy Rezeptfindungen und Shootings bis hin zu Events, Promi-Influencer:innen und sogar Milchbäuer:innen. Alles für die eine Mission: eine presserelevante Welt rund um Licor 43 zu kreieren. Salud!Bild: Melanie Höfler / Barefoot Communications


In Norwegen ist HomeNet einer der führenden Anbieter für Glasfaser-Internet. Gemeinsam verfolgen wir das Ziel, auch hierzulande das schnellste und stabilste Internet zu verbreiten. Dank unserer umfangreichen Mediastrategie, einem kreativen Markenauftritt sowie individueller Kundenansprache kommen wir dieser Vision Router für Router näher.


Für den Bundesverband deutscher Arzneimittelhersteller haben wir den Patient:innenbeirat entwickelt. Die daraus generierten Insights ermöglichen es uns, Content Formate mit den wirklich wichtigen Inhalten für die Zielgruppen zu entwickeln. Die Grundlage für ein vielversprechendes Ökosystem ist angelegt…

Malteserkreuz Aquavit

Ein frischer Markenauftritt, innovative Trinkanlässe und ein einzigartiges Kampagnenkonzept: Mit Malteserkreuz Aquavit betreten wir das Spielfeld eines markanten Ökosystems in der traditionellen Spirituosenbranche. Step by Step...

More cases

Licor 43

Licor 43 is the world's best-selling premium liqueur in Spain. But for us, it's more than just a liqueur with our press work, we span the spectrum from trendy recipe inventions and shootings to events, celebrity influencers, and even dairy farmers. All for one mission: to create a press-relevant world around Licor 43. Salud!

Bild: Melanie Höfler / Barefoot Communications


In Norway, HomeNet is one of the leading providers of fiber-optic Internet. Together, we are pursuing the goal of spreading the fastest and most stable Internet in this country as well. Thanks to our comprehensive media strategy, a creative brand presence and individual customer approach, we are getting closer to this vision router by router.


We developed the Patient Advisory Board for the German Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association. The insights generated from this enable us to develop content formats with the really important content for the target groups. The foundation for a promising communication system has been laid.

Malteserkreuz Aquavit

A fresh brand identity, innovative drinking occasions, and a unique campaign concept with Malteserkreuz Aquavit, we are entering the playing field of the traditional spirits industry. Step by step to success.

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